Felicity IDC Limited (FIDC) is a prestigious and highly accredited TIER-III data center located at Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City, Kaliakair. The company has achieved certifications in ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO27001, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of quality, environmental management, and information security. We are proud to have earned an impressive credit rating of 'A' from CRISL.

As a purpose-built and carrier-neutral colocation and internet data center, we boast over 100,000 square feet of space, 5 MW of power, and 500 racks. Felicity is the central hub of the remarkable 1-million-core-kilometer cable network of Fiber@Home, with an extensive presence of over 35,000 Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout the country. Our state-of-the-art facility hosts major National Telecommunication Transmission Networks (NTTNs) and effectively utilizes the 110,000 km of cable network available. In addition, we serve as a key distribution point for an impressive 1000+ Gbps global bandwidth. It is worth highlighting that Felicity has secured exclusive long-term lease agreements, with the potential for expansion up to 65 years, ensuring stability and growth.

At Felicity, we understand the unique requirements of the banking and financial sector. That's why we have rigorously complied with the stringent standards set by Bangladesh Bank, making us the ideal solution for Banks, Financial Institutions, and other BFSIs. However, our services extend beyond the BFSI sector. We provide an exceptional solution for Enterprises, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms. What sets us apart is our proximity to a vast population of over 170 million people, as Felicity is only 3 to 4 milliseconds away from these potential users. Moreover, our extensive network connections with top internet exchanges and premier tier carriers ensure the lowest latency, robust security, and effortless user experience.


FIDC is by far the best colocation facility Bangladesh can offer, as of today. It offers 7-layer physical security, as long as 30-year lease agreement, carrier neutral, N+N redundant power infrastructure, N+1 continuous chiller based cooling, 80,000+ fuel reservoir for operational continuity, built to withstand 7.5 magnitude earthquake, different seismic zone from Dhaka, flood free zone, and many more next to none features for colocation.


The data centre is the hub of one-million-core-km cable network with 35,000+ network nodes. More than 30 ISPs, and 3 IIGs are there to cross connect. FIDC is the home of BDIX and the IIGs altogether have terabytes of International capacity. The data centre is the most desired home for any CDNs, OTTs and BFSIs of the world since colocation facility is only 2 to 5 milli-second away from 170+ million homogeneous Bangladeshis. 


Felicity is providing private cloud as a service as a solution to the need of enterprise and BFSI's data residency enabled cloud requirement. We have already launched private cloud services with Cisco Hyperflex. Further cloud solutions such as Azure Stack HCI, AWS Outpost, Google Cloud Platform etc. are in the planning phase to be implemented. Felicity should be your provider if you have a we based application.

Felicity Infrastructure

Felicity Jashore

Felicity Jashore is in the process of building and it would be even better. The facility would be able to meet the need of the future high density colocation needs; it is tailored for the future needs of hyperscalers. The property is designed for 550-rack facility. The growing need of 52U racks can be accomodated conveniently in 18- feet slab-to-slab height clearance. It is designed to support 12kpa load bearing of the racks and IT equipments and each rack can be supported with 15kw IT equipment electricity requirement. The establishment would be the 2nd hub of the largest NTTN of the country, however, like Felicity IDC the facility would maintain it's carrier neutral status. Like its predecessor Felicity Jashore is located inside high-tech park and the customer would enjoy all the benefits offered by BHTPA. 

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